"Thanks for the book..a fascinating read...well researched and witty !
All the best"


"I think it is a lovely summary of all the recent greats. Evokes lots of happy memories, and brings us up to speed with our old heroes who keep on trying to earn a crust. Well done on a fantastic endeavour. Best wishes"

"Well the truth of the matter is my wife knows EXACTLY where I am now, I'm sat on the bog reading your book. It's absolutely riveting and I love it.
Of course I was hoping for a more definitive answer to the question of where Billy is now, he did do some pretty mean tackles after all, but I hope when it's my turn to go I'm there playing football and ripping shirts off in anger with him.
But the real joy of the book is finally getting to grips with the whereabouts of the real stars of my youth, Glan Letheran, Neil Firm and Peter Hampton! I used to pretend to be these fellas and my son's never even heard of them.
I was disappointed that you did not tell the joke that made Imre Varadi's name, ie Have you heard that Imre Varadi's father was a comedian, (what was his name?)Ollie.
And the inclusion of Gypsy Lee Rose was hilarious, if a trifle non pc. Well done with the book, it truly is superb, I hope the launch goes well."

Bob Dunning

"I was very impressed, it was very informative, there were some players that i just didn't have a clue where they were! The way it was set out made it an easy read, amusing at times"
Jonathan Kennedy of Leeds.

"Thanks - excellent book"
Jonathan Wynne of Dartford

"Here's to a successful season which will hopefully see us back in the Premiership, & congratulations Les + all responsible for a great book..."
Gary Kinney

Eddie Gray said "A fascinating read."